Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episodes

S3 Episode 1 – Father & Son’s Truck

Steve’s car restoration business continues to expand as he invests in a warehouse for some much-needed space; MMA referee Herb Dean has some more work for them.

S3 Episode 2 – More Power? No Problem

Steve’s got more than one Chevy on his hands and both need more horsepower — a ’66 Impala and a ’61 Biscayne; he and Bird are not ones to shy away from burnouts, so they’re the ones for the job; Poo Bear swings by to discuss a business proposition.

S3 Episode 3 – Mustang’s Gone Wild

Steve’s got multiple Mustangs on his hands; NFL linebacker, Eric Kendricks, has a Fox Body he needs some work done on, and Steve wants to help a friend by selling his tricked-out Shelby GT500; Steve and Joe run into a problem on his ’64 mustang.

S3 Episode 4 – Mopar Power

Steve is dying to do some nasty burnouts fast and furious style in a 71 Challenger; he also has a Dodge Dart to fix up that Bird actually likes; Barret Jackson co-host, April Rose joins Steve to check out a one-of-a-kind car collection.

S3 Episode 5 – Grand Prix for Charity

Steve joins forces with Rob Kardashian to fix up a Grand Prix that Bird calls a “rust bucket.’ It will take a ton of work from the team but it’s for charity so it’s worth it. Steve also learns how to drift with pro driver Josh Robinson.

S3 Episode 6 – Jonathon’s Scout the Saga

Steve can finally finish up the 66 Scout and does a one-of-a-kind mod to a horse trailer. He also gets to follow his passion of becoming a race car driver and meet with Indy car team owner, Don Cusick.

S3 Episode 7 – Chris’s Smokey N the Bandit Tribute

Chris, Steve’s client, has an incredible TransAm that is being restored. Bird begins work on one of his favorite items, while Steve hosts the first annual Fully Torqued Car Show with the assistance of Prince Jackson.

S3 Episode 8 – Miami “Bearthday Party”

Steve gets ready to throw a “bearthday” party with Poo Bear for the community, he has a surprise in store for Bird and his Ford Ranger.

S3 Episode 9 – The Hell Camino

Steve has a monster on his hands. Erik Bragg, a skateboarder and director, donates his El Camino to make it a one-of-a-kind camera car. Cassius Marsh, an NFL linebacker, takes Steve his father’s Lincoln Continental for an oil change.

S3 Episode 10 – Proven Tough

Steve gets to work on what will be the ultimate Chevy Scottsdale. Iconic designer, Nick Tershey swings by to discuss a Fully Torqued clothing line.

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