Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episodes

S2 Episode 1 – Prince’s Raptor

Prince Jackson has asked Steve to fix up his Ford F150 Raptor Truck that is in rough shape from daily use and desert off-roading. This is Steve’s biggest client to date and he’s sparing no expense. But how do you restore a truck fit for a Prince?

S2 Episode 2 – Father’s Day Surprise

Pete Pazmany Sr’s 66 Mustang needs a tune up and Steve is happy to help his father out. But unknown to dad, Steve sneaks away his late Uncle Joe’s Ram 2500 truck as well, hoping to surprise his family with two major builds. With Father’s Day fast approaching, Steve is going to have to call on all his friends if he wants to get this build done on time.

S2 Episode 3 – AJ and the GOAT

Adrienne “AJ” Janic pops by the Fully Torqued shop to get her 67 GTO, famously known from her calendar shoot, the super remodel treatment. There’s no stopping Steve with this build but unfortunately there’s no stopping the GTO either because this car’s brakes are shot.

S2 Episode 4 – Willy’s Revival

Steve is called to duty to fix up Monty’s Steakhouse owner Mike Levine’s Willys Jeep. This World War II era inspired vehicle has seen a lot of action but master mechanic Uncle Bird has the right key for this job to return this ride to its former glory.

S2 Episode 5 – Impala in the Family

Steve’s friend and Co-worker Mike Laker brings his 66 Impala to Uncle Bird’s. Riding shot-gun is his daughter Mary and she’s got big plans to polish and upgrade the Impala because someday this classic is going to be hers. Steve’s got his work cut out to keep his youngest client happy even if she can’t reach the pedals yet.

S2 Episode 6 – Grocery Getter

Steve has a client who wants to power up his C10 Truck for his wife and turn it into the meanest and loudest Grocery Getter in the neighborhood. But all this truck has got, according to Uncle Bird, is a lot of rust and crud. Can Steve clean up his tracks and get his mechanic pals to produce some power for this truck?

S2 Episode 7 – Big Ole Thunderbird Raffle

It’s the 60th Anniversary for Big O Tires and on the big occasion Steve and Uncle Bird are trusted to fix up the company’s prized 62 Thunderbird for their big scholarship charity raffle. Steve will always help out for a good cause but he’s got two weeks to get this ride rounded up and out to Dallas, TX for the convention.

S2 Episode 8 – Black Star’s Impala

Steve visits Black Star Music Studio where his pal Ali has a 65 Impala that could use a rebuild and remix. That’s music to his ears as Steve brings in Chip Foose to design the new look and lay down some tracks…tire tracks that is.

S2 Episode 9 – Amanda’s 57 Chevy

Steve find’s the perfect 57 3200 Chevy Truck for his friend Amanda. She wants a family truck for the cruises to the beach but wants to ride in comfort and style. Chip Foose knows a thing or two about style and designs a rad new interior to fit this classic. But will Steve and Uncle Bird finish up in time before the last sun has set on this summer season?

S2 Episode 10 – Reengineering the Bronco

Client Eddie and Ashley want to retro fit their Bronco and Steve knows just what to do to bring it into the new millennium. Steve calls on Armada Engineering to build a one of kind chassis, Chip Foose to give it a modern flair, and Action Vehicle Engineering to build it all together. But with all this customization can Steve get all these parts to fit together?

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