Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episodes

S1 Episode 1 – Thunderbird

Steve has an old Thunderbird that he’d like to fix up and sell at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas, donating the proceeds of the sale to PALS, the Police Activity League.  This is a charity that is near and dear to Steve’s heart.

S1 Episode 2 – Herb Dean Bronco

Herb Dean is one of the best MMA referees in the business, and a good friend of Steve Pazmany. Herb has an old Bronco that he wants to get fixed up so he and his wife can take a trip up the coast in it.

S1 Episode 3 – PALS / Mach 1

Steve Pazmany is big into philanthropy and one of the groups he loves helping is PALS, the Police Activity League Supporters. For years Steve has been listening to Bird moan about the fact that kids today don’t know how to work on cars, so Steve organizes an all-day event to expose kids to the automotive world. Bird will build an engine with the kids and there will be airbrushing and pin-striping classes.

S1 Episode 4 – Cassius Marsh Tesla

Steve meets up with Cassius Marsh, linebacker for the Pittsburg Steelers, at his new business- a Pokémon card shop! Cassius has a Tesla Model-X that he wants to get wrapped to help promote the shop.

S1 Episode 5 – 21st Birthday C-10

Steve’s friend Mike has an old 71 C-10 pickup that he’d like to restore and modernize.  Steve brings in Mike’s son to have input on the build and design a custom C-10 that they can keep in the family for generations.

S1 Episode 6 – ’66 Mustang

Steve brings a 1966 Mustang into Bird’s shop. He has a grand idea in his head that Bird quickly and smartly talks him out of. Bird starts stripping it down and taking the engine out before it goes to paint.

S1 Episode 7 – Lamborghini Urus

Internet model and singer, Laci Kay Somers, has a new Lamborghini Urus. Steve talks her into getting the car wrapped. It gives the car a new look and he can have it back to her in just a few days. While the car is getting wrapped, Steve takes Bird to Arizona for a surprise – a visit to VonDutch’s old bus/mobile shop. Bird grew up with VonDutch and spent a lot of time on this bus.

S1 Episode 8 – GN-R

Steve finds the perfect GN from a local seller. He takes it to Big-o to get an inspection. He has a crazy idea to put an LS engine in it!  Which will really make all the classic car guys flip out…Steve knows how to stir the pot.

S1 Episode 9 – Lowered C-10

Steve has a client that wants a lowered c-10 pickup. Steve finds the perfect 63 C-10 on the side of the road and gets a hold of the seller.

S1 Episode 10 – Monte Carlo

Steve’s friend Armen wants a Monte Carlo G-body. Steve happens to find one it’s a little beat up but in good shape overall.  Also, he and Bird take a trip to meet with Bruce Meyers, one of the board members of the 11-99 foundation, benefiting families of CHP officers. It’s a charity that Steve has wanted to work with for a while. They meet with Bruce at his garage, which just happens to house one of the most amazing car collections in the world!

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